T800 TSR ARTEINA Etching Press

Our etching press T800 TSR is equipped with a 800x1200mm steel bed plate and a 1/8 gearbox, and as part of our TSR models, it contains professional features such as really useful pressure fixing locks on the spindles (to maintain the pressure), anti-rust treatment on the rollers, and lower and adjustable bearings to guide the bed plate. High quality and robustness in an etching press for life!



Specifications and technical details:

  • 800x1200mm STEEL bed plate (10mm of thickness).
  • Bed plate equipped with anti-fall system.
  • Bed plate guided by 8 lower bearings and 8 adjustable side bearings.
  • Gearbox in the upper roller (SUPERIOR TRACTION).
  • Equipped with a 1/8 GEARBOX.
  • Driven by 6 blades with wooden handles and a crank.
  • Upper roller of Ø 180 mm.
  • Rollers are bicromated (Anti corrosion treatment).
  • Upper roller mounted on tilting bearings.
  • M24 steel spindles.
  • Pressure fixer on the spindles, which allows the same pressure to be maintained throughout the run.
  • Millimetre nonius to detect the pressure.
  • Help offered to the upper roller to be recovered back in place by springs.
  • Rubber Silentblock on the legs, for the regulation and leveling of the press.
  • Painted with 2-component Epoxi paint.
  • General sizes of the press:
    -Length: 1200 mm
    -Width: 1150 mm
    -Height: 1400 mm
    -Weight: 250-300kg approx.
  • Detachable Metal Table included (made of 50mm angle)
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