T250 S ARTEINA Etching Press

The T250 S ARTEINA Etching Press is our smallest etching press, with a steel bed plate (250x400mm and 6mm thickness) and a vast range of possibilities! With its small size, it is a fantastic table top option for those small workshops! There’s no need to give up professional results for the lack of space. Reliable, robust and with a beautiful design, where each detail has been taken into account.



Specifications and technical details:

  • 250x400mm and 6mm thickness steel bed plate.
  • Upper traction.
  • 80mm diameter Upper roller.
  • Bicromatados rollers (rust proofing treatment).
  • Pressure fixative system.
  • Driven by a crack handle.
  • Bed plate gliding movement helped by 4 bearings.
  • Wooden rotary handle.
  • Steel spindles M14.
  • Positioning side screws, in order to guide the steel bed plate correctly.
  • It helps to elevate the upper roller, assisted by springs.
  • Upper roller height Measurement system by graduated strips.
  • Epoxi 2 components paint.
  • Equipped with a free 3mm felt blanket.
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