Proofing Press SPJ

The Proofing Press SPJ is our smallest proof press, which is perfect for amateur artists or students, and due to its light weight it can be easily transported anywhere you need. With a stainless steel bed plate, it has got all the versatility and professional results a bigger proof press can offer. The height between the bed plate and the roller is 25mm.

All our Proofing Press models have a monorail system in the inferior side, guided by four bearings, which gives them an incredible precision and maximum softness. Our Proofing Presses have been designed to have a vintage look, as we hightly believe that this kind of machines deserve to not only be functional but attractive at sight, which invites to be creative and allows the press to be part of your atelier or working area. It allows them to have personality.

With the aim of maintaining the optimal state of the Proofing Press, we have created an specific oil for the press’ guides, which will allow you to maintain your press as perfect as the first day.



Specifications and technical details:

  • General sizes: 65x37x18 cm.
  • Total working area: 35×45 cm.
  • Bed plate printing area: 30×42 cm.
  • Fixed height at 25 cm (from the bed plate to the roller).
  • Solid steel roller with a 2,5 mm coating.
  • Roller assembled on lubricated ZZ bearings.
  • Guided by a lower monorail.
  • Wooden handle for an easy sliding.
  • Silent-blocks to facilitate anchoring on the table when working.
  • Weight: 24 kg approximately.

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