Grippers System A2

After a long process of studying, designing and testing, we have created our Grippers System A2, which has been especially designed to be used with our Proof Presses SP A2 and SPT A2. However, due to the fact that the system is adjustable, it allows it to be used in other models and brands. You can adjust the Grippers System to your proof press by using spacers and quoins, together with the little expansion/fixing system that is already included in the Grippers’ body.

Moreover, when designing this system, we decided to create a little registration system that is already included in the Grippers’ body; it’s up to the artist to use it or not, but in case you don’t need it, it is really easy to cancel by taking out the two little metal bars.

Everything you need in a Grippers System!


  • Length: 49,8 cm
  • Width: 10 cm
  • Height: 23 cm
  • Weight: 4,7 kg

Note: In case of owning a proof press that is not ARTEINA, it is very important to check the sizes of your own proof press and make sure about the height, because the maximum height of our Grippers System is 23mm. Our Grippers System might adjust to a vast majority of proof presses, but not to all of them. Therefore, please make sure of the compatibility before purchasing our Grippers System.

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