Arteina – Manufacturers, distributors and sellers of print presses and tools for engraving, lithography, xylography, serigraphy and typography.

In Arteina we are manufacturers of machinery and tools for fine arts. We are specialized in engraving, lithography, serigraphy, typography and bookbinding. A vast range of personalized models can be added to the standard models we manufacture, which our customer can design or choose the features in order to create his or her own print press.

  • Print presses for engraving: Professional print presses with bed plates guided by rack system and powered by powerful gearboxes, which allows us to maintain and appropriate cadence step mixing softness, speed and the maximum accuracy. Micrometric spindles, steel bed plates, pressure fixers and of course the best materials for the production of the print press, using rocking bearings, prepared roller bearings for high loads, chassis, plates and steel rollers.